Notice of Last Local Conference of
Fairfield Methodist Church

Dear members of the Local Conference

Owing to the dangers posed by the infectious disease known as COVID-19 and the safe distancing restrictions in force in Singapore to minimise further spread, and in accordance with the authority vested in the Local Church Executive Committee (“LCEC”) by ¶306A.4 of The Book of Discipline (as enacted by the Special Session of the General Conference held on 2 July 2020), notice is hereby given that the Last Local Conference of Fairfield Methodist Church has been called by the LCEC to be held wholly by way of electronic means on 28 September 2020 at 7.30pm to transact the following business:

    1. Devotion and prayer by the TRAC District Three Superintendent, Rev Dr Chiang Ming Shun
    2. Attendance – apologies, if any, to be recorded
    3. Confirmation and adoption of Minutes of the First Local Conference held on 20 January 2020
    4. Matters arising from the above Minutes
    5. Receive and adopt reports
    6. Election of church officers
    7. Receive financial accounts for FY2019/20 and to authorize new LCEC to receive audited accounts for FY2019/20
    8. Adopt approved budget for FY2020/21
    9. Ratification of purchase of liability insurance
    10. Recommendation for new local preacher
    11. Renewal of Local Preacher’s License
    12. Update on UPG – Yi People
    13. Closing Prayer

Download for  Notice of Call of 2020 Last Local Conference.

Registration is required for attendance to the Last Local Conference.
The registration closes on 20 Sept 2020. Please register below.