Christmas Lighthouse In Chinatown 2017

Date / Time
Sat, 23 December 2017 / after 6:00pm (Or any day/time convenient to the hosts)

God has called Fairfield with the mission to Chinatown since 1948.  It means having God’s Lighthouses in the homes of the six blocks shining and drawing the communities to the light.  You are the salt and light.

You can be the catalyst in God’s plan in the Chinatown community by adopting homes in Chinatown with the goal of leading them to the Light and shine.

Those who have participated in the Christmas Lighthouse 2015/16, please continue to return to the same homes if possible!

For others, if you are interested in co-hosting this Christmas home parties, registration forms are available at the rack outside the Sanctuary.  For further information, please contact Mr Chan Siew Leong.