Gracestoration is a series of 10 lessons dedicated to the restoration and renewal of God’s people by providing spiritual encouragement, direction and discipleship. The ministry of Gracestoration began as a response to the great need among Christians for restoration and renewal. These lessons by Dottie Connor Bingham are designed to encourage believers to “re-enjoy” a dynamic relationship with Jesus, and in turn, equip believers to reach out to others in their sphere of influence with the transforming message of God’s restoring grace. The concepts in these lessons provide a unique channel for expressing the truths of God’s grace while focusing on Jesus, our Saviour-Shepherd!

Venue : FFMC Encounter Lounge
Time : 1400 – 1600
Dates :  March 2,9, April 6,20, May 11,18, Jul 6,20, Aug 3,17
Fee : $20
Facilitator : Ms Persis Lim, Ministry Outreach Staff(engaged by BPMC) in St Francis Methodist School

Please register with Beng Keng before 16 February 2019.