On-Site Worship Services

On-Site Worship Services

2021 On-Site Worship Services with Holy Communion
Time:  11 am to 12.30 pm
Venue: Church Sanctuary
capacity: 50 persons per service with no pet

In compliance with the safe management measures under Covid-19 Phase 2 Heightened Alert (22 July to 18 August), a maximum of 50 worshippers are allowed per service, without PET.

  • Entry point : Tanjong Pagar Road. Admission Time : 10.45am
  • Admission is strictly by ticket only.
  • Safe-entry to church premises only via TraceTogether App or Token.
  • Worshippers will be seated in groups of twos in the Sanctuary.
  • At all on-site services, safe management measures must be observed in line with government advisories, eg masked up at all times, no congregational singing allowed (even under the masks), no cross mingling between services and no sharing of common items.
  • Please follow all instructions of our staff and service volunteers on duty.
  • The Church’s carpark will be closed on Sundays to avoid cross mingling of worshippers.
  • Please do not loiter around the church premises after service.
information on registration and on-site service

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Frequently Asked Questions

1 august 11.00am on-site english service registration opens on tuesday (9.00am) to friday (midnight)


If a service is “Sold Out”, it means that it is fully booked and max capacity has been reached. You may wish to register your name under Waitlist and Eventbrite will alert you should a ticket be made available due to cancellation. You will be given instruction to redeem a ticket within one working day.