On-Site Worship Services

On-Site Worship Services

Under the Stabilisation Period of Phase Two (Heightened Alert) from 27 Sept to 24 Oct 2021, worshippers can participate in worship services in groups of no more than 2 persons.  In view of this SMM, please note Sanctuary's capacity for 11.00am service will be reduced to 100 persons ( 2 zones of 50)

To avoid cross mingling between congregational services, worshippers are not allowed to attend different services on the same day. Hence, please do not attend more than one onsite service each Sunday, for example, if you decide to attend the 8.30 am service, please do not attend 11.0am English, or 10.30 am mandarin or 2.00 pm cantonese service on that same Sunday.

Safe Management Measures to Observe on-site

  1. Pre-registration is required for all on-site Services.
  2. Admission is strictly by tickets only, no walk-ins are allowed.
  3. You are required to check-in via the TraceTogether App or Token with the church's Safe Entry system. This system also verifies your vaccination status. Persons attending the 11.00am service who are unable to show valid proof of vaccination, exemption notice or valid PET certificate will not be allowed to attend the service.
  4. The Church's carpark will be closed on Sundays to avoid cross mingling of worshippers.
  5. While on site, worshippers are to comply with all Safe Management Measures in place:
  6. Please co-operate and follow the instructions of the duty personnel.
  7. Worshippers will be seated in groups of 2 persons in the Sanctuary.
  8. Observe safe distancing requirements of keeping 1 meter distance between groups/individuals.
  9. Face masks are to be worn at all times.
  10. No Singing (even under mask) and No mingling across zones or services is allowed.
  11. Follow the one-way flow of entry/exit.
  12. Avoid physical greetings and strictly no sharing of common items.
  13. Leave the church premises immediately after the service.



8.30am onsite english service with holy communion
50 persons, no vaccination or Pre-event test (pet) required

This Service is open to all, up to 50 persons with no restrictions.
[Entry: Tanjong Pagar Road, Admission starts 8.15 am]

Please register to attend this service.

11.00 am onsite English Service with holy communion
100 Persons, Vaccinated or Pre-event testing (PET) required
Zone A 50 PAX [Entry: Maxwell Road, Admission starts 10.30 am]
Zone B 50 PAX [Entry: Murray St (TP side), Admission starts 10.40 am]
please read below before you register for your tickets

This Service is for up to 100 vaccinated persons (fully vaccinated or have recovered from Covid with Exemption Notice). You are exempted from PET if you are/have
1. fully vaccinated, i.e. has received the second dose of the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine or WHO EUL Vaccines, with an additional 2 weeks for the vaccine to be fully effective
2. recovered from Covid-19 with an Exemption Notice.

If you are not vaccinated or did not recently recover from Covid, you need to undergo pre-event testing (PET). A negative Covid PET results must be shown before you can attend the 11.00am Onsite Service. Please see https://www.moh.gov.sg/covid-19/pet for more details.

Children, aged 12 years and below, can register to attend this service with their parents, without PET, provided they make up no more than 20% of the total number of worshippers on site.  Children sitting together in group of two (2) must be from the same household.

You are required to enter the name and vaccination status of each attendee (including children under 12) when you register for tickets.  You may be required to show valid proof of vaccination, exemption notice, or valid PET certificate before entering church premises.

By registering, you declare that you have understood the above and will abide by these procedures. All personal data collected is for the purpose of verifying attendance in compliance with SMM.

If a service is “Sold Out”, it means that it is fully booked and max capacity has been reached. You may wish to register your name under Waitlist and Eventbrite will alert you should a ticket be made available due to cancellation. You will be given instruction to redeem a ticket within one working day.