On-Site Worship with Holy Communion FAQ

On-Site Worship with Holy Communion FAQ

Frequently asked questions

Do I get to sit with my family members during the service?
We encourage all to sit 1 meter apart as per safety requirements. For family members who need attention and assistance, they can sit together in a designated area. Please follow the direction of the Service Staff.

If my caregiver/helper is not taking communion, does he/she need a ticket to accompany me?
Yes, you need a ticket to enter the church premises. The caregiver/helper who is accompanying you would need a ticket to enter the church premises, even if he/she is not partaking in the communion.

Can I walk in on an actual day to attend Holy Communion Service?
Entry is by registration only. You would need to register online to get a ticket before you can come for service.

Do I have to print a physical ticket for entry?
We accept both printed tickets and e-ticket on your mobile devices. 

How do I cancel the ticket if I can’t make it at the last minute?
You may cancel the ticket online by clicking on the link “View and manage your order online” in the email.

Please try to cancel your tickets at least 2 days before the actual event to release the tickets. Tickets are non-transferable. Please do not forward your tickets to others as the name on tickets must match the person’s ID at the point of entry.

One of my family members cannot make it for service. How do I cancel one of the multiple tickets in my order?)
Please email us at [email protected]  by Friday 12pm and provide

-your order reference number
-the ticket reference number and/or
-the name(s) of the ticket holder(s) that you wish to cancel.

How do I find out if people release their tickets and seats are freed up?
Currently, there is no waitlist available.  You need to go to the On-site Service Registration Page to check for ticket availability. We encourage you to check for ticket availability on the Thursday before your preferred Sunday service to see if tickets have been freed up.

How do I know if I have successfully registered for my tickets?
You should receive an email from Eventbrite once you have successfully registered.

Can I attend more than one service per month since seating capacity has increased to 150 per Service?
We encourage worshippers to register for one service when registration is made available. Subsequently, you can check for tickets’ availability every Thursday for the coming Sunday’s service.

Please email us at [email protected]  if you have other questions.