Zoom Watchnight Service 2020 31 Dec 10.30pm

Zoom Watchnight Service 2020 31 Dec 10.30pm

Let’s Exalt and thank God together as we end 2020 and enter into the new year with God by celebrating the first 2021 Holy Communion meal together as a FFMC family. To cater beyond the 100 persons limit, we will be holding the 2020 Watchnight Service via zoom online.

We encourage Participation with one another as a church community to watch the night with prayer and thanksgiving. Let’s gather together as families and small groups in homes to attend the watchnight service together. Login at 10pm to join the pre-service thanksgiving programme.

For those who have registered to attend the Zoom Watchnight Service, help all of us to have a pleasant and meaningful service by doing the following

  1. Login at 10.00 pm for pre-service thanksgiving
  2. Please sign in using the name you registered for Watchnight. (Refer to the email that was sent to you with Zoom details)
  3. Please switch ON video and switch OFF sound.
  4. Please use ONLY Church consecrated Communion Elements, no home bread and wine!

Registration for Watchnight Service has closed on 25 Dec.