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75th Anniversary

On Sunday, 29th January, over 650 people from the English, Cantonese and Mandarin congregations came together and celebrated Fairfield Methodist Church’s 75th anniversary, kicking off a year of celebratory events. We had the privilege of hosting TRAC President Rev Stanley Chua and his wife, Vice-President Dr Cheah-Foo Fung Fong and her husband, with 12 other community partners, who toured our Heritage Room before adjourning to lunch. 26 hawker stalls from Maxwell Food Centre also played a part by providing food…

LCEC Dedication

On 9 Oct 2022 at the 10.30am English Service, we dedicated and installed the Local Church Executive Committee (LCEC) to assume special responsibilities in the administration and ministries of Fairfield Methodist Church for the advancement of the kingdom of God.

Cantonese Service 36th Anniversary

Fairfield’s Cantonese Service celebrated its 36th Anniversary on 25 Sep 2022 with invited speaker Rev Lim Kok Heng and special guest, Ms Wu Wai-Fong, a local Cantonese Opera singer and her group presenting the Gospel message through opera.  May God continue to use this ministry to bring more people into His Kingdom and glorify Him!

Kampong of Care Carnival

Fairfield Methodist Church collaborated with SportCares to reach out to more than 400 Kreta Ayer seniors and Jalan Kukoh residents, in partnership with ComCare, Jalan Kukoh Residents’ Committee, Kreta Ayer Family Services(Montfort Care) and Senior Activities services, through the Kampong of Care Carnival held on 10 Sep 2022. God blessed us with wonderful weather as this was the first of such gatherings at Jalan Kukoh’s multi-storey carpark rooftop since COVID, this fun-filled carnival was graced by Senior Parliamentary Secretary, Ministry…

Fairfield 74th Anniversary Service

Fairfield celebrated her 74th Anniversary on 30 January 2022. TRAC President, Rev Stanley Chua, our distinguished speaker preached from Malachi 1:2 on “The burden of Love”. Close to 200 persons were on-site to attend the Anniversary Service with many more watching the livestream. Here are some highlights to mark the special occasion. Indeed, God is Faithful to Fairfield!

Reflections – FTP series on Christian Ethics 4 : Rightly obeying the Sabbath commandment

The Fourth Commandment on Sabbath-keeping is unique in that the reason for the Commandment is different at the time of its original giving at Mount Sinai (Exo 20:8-11) and at the time Moses restated the Commandments to a new generation of Israelites just before they entered the Promised Land (Deu 5:12-15). In the first passage, the reason is stated as, “For in six days the LORD made heaven and earth, the sea, and all that is in them, and rested…

Reflections – FTP series on Christian Ethics 3: Honouring God’s name

We might think on reading the Third Commandment to “not take the name of the Lord your God in vain” (Exo 20:7, Deu 5:11) that it mainly had to do with not uttering profanities. That would mean that this would be a fairly easy commandment to keep! Yet it is very possible to never utter profanity and yet grievously break the commandment. This is because the ‘Name’ of God represents all that God is in His unique holiness and greatness…

Reflections – FTP series on Christian Ethics 2: The Ten Commandments

  I used to feel that the Ten Commandments were rather unapproachable and not very relevant to Christian life. I knew that I would not be able to perfectly follow the first few major commandments and that I would have a hard time fulfilling the deeper requirements of the others. But really I did not see how actively following them would help my life or increase my joy in God. However, I now see that the Ten Commandments are really…

Reflections – FTP series on Christian Ethics I

As I prepared this series I was struck by how good and wise God’s commandments are, and how many blessings can be experienced if we obey them. So I thought I would share some thoughts about how we are to respond to these commandments. Some Christians put a lot of emphasis on the truth of justification by grace alone through faith alone (Eph 5:8-9) and do not focus on the importance of righteous living. Their thinking goes that, because God…

Fairfield 73rd Anniversary Service

Fairfield celebrated her 73rd Anniversary on 31 January. Bishop Dr Gordon Wong, our distinguished speaker preached from Lamentations 3 on “Great is Thy Faithfulness”. 100 persons were on-site to attend the Anniversary Service with many more watching the Service live via Zoom. Here are some highlights to mark the special occasion. Indeed, God is Faithful to Fairfield!  

First on-site Holy Communion Service

FFMC, along with other Methodist Churches in Singapore, suspended all Worship Services and church activities on 22 March 2020. Thanks to the dedicated team of volunteers/staff, we are able to worship online in English, Mandarin and Cantonese.  On 6 September 2020, some 50 members, together with 11 Service Volunteers and the entire pastoral team,  were finally able to return to Church to celebrate Holy Communion together.  Take a peep at the happenings on that day!  

Missions 2020 – Reflection on Mission for the Lord by Sister K

Very often, when we think of missions, we would think that we are doing something for God; and that is to miss the mark. In actual fact, it is God who is doing great things for us. Indeed, when God chooses someone to do a certain task, he always ensures that that person will be equipped with some basic skills or talents for it. And through the years and decades of being on the field, the person will grow and…
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