The Local Church Executive Committee (LCEC) has general oversight of the programme of the local church in pursuing the primary task of the local church – reaching out and receiving with joy all who will respond; encouraging people in their relationship with God and inviting them to the commitment to God’s love in Jesus Christ.

In between the sessions of the Local Conference, the LCEC acts as the executive agency of the Local Conference, under which are all the ministry (programme) and administrative committees.

Year 2022/2023
Rev Wendy Tay
Rev Ivan Tan
Assistant Pastor:
Pastor Reginald Chan
Chairman: Mr Mark Zhou
Vice Chairman: Mr Alan Chou Chee Wei
Lay Leader: Mr Eric Quah
Associate Lay Leader: Mr Ong Chee Yong
Associate Lay Leader: Mr Daniel Chiam
Associate Lay Leader: Dr Cheah-Foo Fung Fong
Associate Lay Leader: Mrs Edwina Lim

Chairperson, Missions:
Dr Tsai Kuo Tsing
Chairperson, Witness & Evangelism: Pastors’ Office
Chairperson, Outreach & Social Concerns:
Mrs Shermaine Tang
Coordinator, Chinatown Ministries (YCC President): Mr Loh Yew Chiong (wef May 2021)
Coordinator, Chinese Ministries: Mr Alan Chou Chee Wei
Coordinator, BB/GB: Mr Barnabas Wong

Coordinator, Youth Ministy:
Mrs Kathleen Chan-Soh Lin Tuan
Coordinator, Children Ministry: Mr Morgan Zhou You Qin
Coordinator, Small Group Ministry:
Mrs Edwina Lim-Kwan Lai Pink
Coordinator, Family Life: Mrs Amelia Tan-Tang
Coordinator, Glowing Years Ministry : Mrs Fong-Mah Koon Sin
President, Women’s Society of Christian Service (WSCS): Mrs Kristina Chiam-Anton
Chairperson, Worship & Music: Mrs Chua Li Tzer
Chairperson, Discipleship & Nurture: Dr Chuah Seng Chye

Chairperson, Finance:
Ms Chang Mui Yin
Church Treasurer:
Mr Vincent Koh Chon Kiat
Chairperson, Property Management: Mr Yeam Shin Loong
Chairperson, Church Governance: Mr Daryl Choong Shang Wei
Church Archivist: Mr Alex Tang

Recording Secretary: Mrs Margaret Tham-Cham
Honorary Steward: Ms Hee Piang Chin

LCEC members at 9 Oct 2022 LCEC Dedication Service