What to Expect

What to Expect

Fairfield Methodist Church welcomes you to our fellowship!

Fairfield is a member of a family of 21 English-speaking (known as the Trinity Annual Conference or TRAC in short) Methodist churches in Singapore. We take the Bible seriously and aim to be and to make faithful followers of Jesus Christ.

Our English Services

Our English worship services at 8,30am and  10.30 am are held in the Sanctuary on the 2nd Level. Both services have combination of traditional and contemporary elements.  There will be times to sit and stand during the service but you can remain seated if you feel more comfortable that way.  

The 10.30 am on-site Service will be Livestream and playback will be available on the same day.

We practise an “open table” communion whereby we welcome all who love the Lord, earnestly repent of their sin, and seek to live in peace with one another, to receive communion.

The altar area is open, after the service, for prayer. You can pray quietly on your own or have one of the pastoral team members or altar ministers pray for you if you wish.


Giving financially is a way our Church members honour God and fund our ministries.

As our guest, please do not feel obliged to give when the offering bag is passed around! We are glad that you come and visit us.

Other Services

We also have weekly Mandarin Service at 10.30 am and Cantonese Service at 2.00 pm, held at Kuehn Hall on the 1st Level. Holy Communion is served on the Third Sunday.  Mandarin Service at 10.30 am will be livestream  with playback available on the same day.

Prayer and Questions
As our guest, we hope that you will identify yourself to the greeters when you are here so that we can give you a special welcome pack. Please take some time to fill out a form if you would like to share prayer requests, ask questions about the church, or have us keep in touch.

Young Children

If you are visiting with young children, you may wish to know that our Children Ministry serves children from age 1 to 12. Starting Jan 2022, we are meeting on the Second and Fourth Sunday at Fairfield Hall, at 10.30 am.

Youth Ministry

Our Youth Ministry ministers to youth aged 12 to 18.  Starting June 2022, we will be meeting at Fairfield Hall, from 2.00 pm to 4.00 pm.

Connect with us if you wish to visit us this Sunday!