Fairfield Teaching Programme

Fairfield Teaching Programme

1. Why are we starting the Fairfield Teaching Program (FTP)?
To help members of the congregation strengthen their theological foundation, thus equipping them for life and ministry.

2. What do you mean by “theological foundation”, i.e. what can one expect out of the course?
Participants should come away with a good grasp of basic Christian doctrine and a Bible-based approach to major areas of Christian life. They should also develop increased confidence in defending and sharing their faith.

3. What is the purpose of FTP?
FTP will address teaching needs that are not easily covered in pulpit teaching or SG settings.

4. Who is the target audience of FTP?
Anyone in Fairfield! It is also open to friends who might want to learn more about the Christian faith.

5. What will be taught in FTP?

Systematic theology, Biblical Theology. Later topics for consideration will be Bible book studies and topical subjects (e.g. financial management, marriage)

6. What is the duration of FTP?
The initial systematic theology topics will be covered in 1 year. It will run on most Sundays except for some breaks during school holidays and special Sundays

7. Who will be teaching FTP?
FTP will be taught by FFMC members who are gifted in teaching and grounded in the Word. Currently, to date, Dr Roland Chia, Dr Chan Yew Ming, Mr. Eric Quah, Dr Ho King Hee, Mr Daniel Chiam and Dr Lim K Tham have taught at FTP.