Small Group

Small Group

FFMC vision is to be a disciple-making church.

Disciple-making is the process of bringing people into right relationship with God, and developing them to full maturity in Christ through intentional growth strategies so that they might also multiply the entire process in others.

Disciple-making in FFMC is carried out through a three-strand discipleship strategy:

  1. Congregational gathering
  2. Small Groups
  3. Mentoring / Accountability groups

Disciple-making Small Group is an essential vehicle in intentional disciple-making. Jesus created a small group as the primary method of transformation and multiplication for the first twelve disciples. The early church continued that model. So do we at Fairfield.

Building relationships is integral to building disciples. However, we cannot stop at strengthening friendships. If we want to truly make disciples, we need to build small groups in which people can be challenged, growth can be measured, and the impact can be multiplied. In FFMC, we want to encourage every disciple to join a small group where they are transformed into Christ’s image and by which His message of redemption is carried to the nations.

Small Groups refer to smaller communities of believers coming together to help one another grow in Christ-likeness through:

  • Studying and sharing of God’s word
  • Helping one another connect truth to life
  • Demonstrating love for one another as well as for the lost, poor and outcasts of society
  • Cultivating accountability for growth
  • Providing pastoral care for those in need

Disciple-making Small Groups are therefore groups that exhibit the following characteristics:

  1. Help one another to connect Truth to Life
  2. Stir one another towards love and good works
  3. Be accountable to one another to grow in holiness
  4. Work together to make disciples

Thank you for having an interest in our small groups! Here you can check out our members’ testimonies.

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If you desire to join a small group, a very warm welcome to you! We eagerly look forward to your coming on board our ministry!

At SGM, there are now Small Groups that are located all over Singapore, including some which meet within the church premises. These Small Groups generally meet during the evenings on weekdays or weekends, although some meet during the day as well. Furthermore, there is a diverse range of Small Groups with different age (20s to 70s) and demographic (singles, married, retirees, etc.) groups meeting regularly.

And as you are important to us, we request that you provide us with as many relevant details as possible in the form provided below so that we can help you find the small group that best fits you. Finally, should you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.

If you would like to find out more about our small group ministry, please fill up a form in this link.