Bequest Announcement

Bequest Announcement

Bequests, Gifts & Legacies

For anyone who wish to make donations to our church through bequests, gifts and legacies, please name the intended recipient of the donation in the following manner:

“The Secretary of the Trustees of the Methodist Church in Singapore, a body corporate Incorporated by the Methodist Episcopal Location Board Ordinance, Chapter 368, Singapore Statutes on behalf of and for the benefit and use of Fairfield Methodist Church (UEN S87CC0541F), currently located at 1 Tanjong Pagar Road, Singapore 088437”.

Compliance with the above ensures that our church face less difficulty in receiving donations of real property, shares, bonds and other registerable assets and in giving a valid receipt and discharge for the donation to the donor or the executors or administrators of the donor’s estate.

Also please note that as the Secretary of The Trustees is established by statute only to serve as trustee for Methodist entities – the Secretary of The Trustees should not be named as the executor or trustee under an individual’s will. If so named, the Secretary of The Trustees will be unable to accept such an appointment and this may result in unnecessary expenses being incurred by the deceased person’s estate in securing the appointment of another executor or trustee.