Our Story

Our Story

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The Pioneer Work at Fairfield
Rev. and Mrs. H.F. Kuehn (Mrs. Kuehn’s maiden name was Miss Mabel Harb) initiated the pioneer work leading to the planting of Fairfield Methodist Church. Their work began in 1936. They went home on furlough on 22nd July 1941.

The Kuehns could only return to Singapore after World War II ended. They resumed their work when Fairfield Girls’ School reopened and continued until 1948. When they returned to their home in Texas, U.S.A. in 1948, Mr S.T. Peter Lim continued to pastor the Fairfield Congregation with the help of his sister Poh Luan.

Appointment of Rev. H.F. Kuehn to the Fairfield Congregation
At the Joint Session of Malaya Annual Conference and Malaya ChineseAnnual Conference held in the Wesley Methodist Church in Singapore on August 20th to 25th,1946, the Rev H.F. Kuehn was appointed Elder and Mr S.T. Peter Lim as Supply Pastor to oversee the Ministry of the Word to the Fairfield Congregation. Prior to this appointment, Rev H.F. Kuehn was principal of the Malayan Methodist Seminary, predecessor of Trinity Theological College.

Fairfield Congregation became a Local Church
The Fairfield Congregation was constituted as a Local Church on 1st February 1948 when Rev. H.F. Kuehn baptised 6 young men who had attended baptism class in 1947 conducted by him and his wife. The six new converts were received into church membership together with 14 believers transferred from other churches. These 20 became Founder Members of Fairfield Methodist Church or members of the Constituting Church Conference. Rev. Dr M. Dodsworth chaired the Constituting Church Conference on 1st February 1948.