Worship & Music

To lead the members of Fairfield Methodist Church to appreciate the meaning, joy and power of worship so that there is unity of focus whenever the congregation worships God.

What does the ministry do?
Educate the congregation on the meaning, purpose, and practice of worship, so as to promote the highest standards for the conduct of worship in the church by:

  1. Encouraging the widest possible participation in the worship activities of the church
  2. Providing materials/opportunities to develop the art of worship
  3. Overseeing the hymnals/songbooks used in the church

We also:

  1. Encourage the use of suitable music in public worship and other occasions
  2. Advise the church leadership on music and the arts
  3. Maintain instruments, libraries and other materials/ equipment related to worship
  4. Prepare the Lord’s table for communion
  5. Oversee the ministry and training of ushers
  6. Promote a policy regarding memorial gifts, plaques, records in the church