Fairfield 75th Anniversary Page

Fairfield 75th Anniversary Page

In 2023, Fairfield celebrates her 75th anniversary, and here are some celebratory highlights across the year.

Song: Come Magnify the Lord, written by Joshua and Amelia Loke

Did you know that Come Magnify the Lord was written with the intention that the chorus could be sung in harmony and unity with the 50th Anniversary song We Magnify? Joshua and Amelia Loke wrote it with the heart that our multi-generational church would come together in unity, just like this song.

Song: We Magnify, written in 1998 by Silas Loh and Ho KH for our Jubilee

In January, we had a combined service with 3 congregations. It was a wonderful time of worshiping Him for all He has done and given to Fairfield.

Other upcoming celebratory events include:
Togather, as one  : Family church camp in June
– Monthly congregational lunches: Set to start in April
– Audio and video testimonies: Updates coming soon!
– Walking with Jesus: A fundraiser to renew the church’s lease, info coming soon!